Pastor Search Update

Search Committee
~Our Faithful Search Committee

Demographic Studies

Church Demographic Study

The Executive Insight Report was prepared by Bruce Bugbee to tell the demographic story of Lake Forest and the surrounding area.

View the Executive Insight Report

The Impressions Insight Report was prepared by Bruce Bugbee to discussion possible conclusions that can be drawn from the demographic data.

View the Impressions Insight Report

School Demographic Study

The School Demographic Study is meant to provide a better understanding for Grace Christian Schools to serve the students and parents of the community.

View the School Demographic Study

Pastor Search Process

This is a brief overview of what we are doing to find a new pastor and where we are in the search process:

  1. Search Process Initiated
  2. Intercessory Team
  3. Form Transition Team of Elders to help lead the transition.
  4. Form Search Committee
  5. Focus groups and roundtable discussions to get church input on lead pastor search
  6. Lay-of-the-land study to determine best recommendations for lead pastor job description
  7. Church profile constructed for job description
  8. Pastor profile constructed for pastoral job description
  9. Elder Board approval of job description
  10. Celebration Sunday to voice systemic issues and/or corporate confession.
  11. Accountable leadership model implemented
  12. Create a long list of candidates
  13. Complete a list of candidate profiles
  14. Create a short list of potential candidates
  15. Assess candidates
  16. Affirmed candidate presented to the Elder Board
  17. Elder Board affirmation of candidate
  18. Candidate introduction to congregation
  19. Elder Board and Congregation confirms pastoral call

Church Profile & Lead Pastor Position Description

Coming Soon!

If you have any questions about the search process, please contact the search committee directly to inquire about the status.

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